2021 Tips On How to Update Your Bedroom


by Charlie bloom | January 21, 2021

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your safe haven and most personal space in the house. With this in mind, ensure you give it the upmost attention to detail to guarantee the place where you start your day is a positive reflection of your mood. 


You don’t need to buy a whole new bed to update your bed. Invest in a statement headboard to uplift your room. Use textures, print and colour to guide you for the theme of your room and even experiment with tapestry wall-hangings as headboards, antique room dividers wall hung or panelling. 

Luxurious Finishes

Go bold or go home with sumptuous finishes in the bedroom. Use opulent textures and luxurious finishes to help make your space feel cosy and inviting. Dramatic curtains will help frame your room, whilst cosy bedding that you can peel away will help give it a luxe feel during the day.


Set the mood with lighting in your bedroom. Add dimmer switches to bedside lights and introduce a statement chandelier for a statement look. If you’re tight for surface space on your bedside table, opt for wall-mounted or hanging bedside lamps. 


At the end of the day, your bedroom won’t feel like a calm space if there are clothes and shoes scattered all over the place. Ensure you have enough storage to house all your clothes and invest storage pieces such as a chest of drawers or an upholstered storage ottoman which can house bedside pillows when you unmake your bed as well a place for your clothes from the day before. 


We love a statement stool, armchair or loveseat and there’s no better place for one than in the bedroom. Sit down, meditate, read and take some time to you time.


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