Alfresco Living In 2021


by Charlie bloom | January 10, 2021

2020 has seen outdoor living as the new indoor. Extending your home life outdoors has become the new norm in these confusing times, so now more than ever is the time to create a luxury living space outside.


Make your outdoor space functional. Not only should it look visually beautiful, but ensure your space can be used in all-weather to maximise its usage. Install an awning for shade or rain & outdoor heating and lighting for the evening. 


Whether you have a sprawling garden or cute patio, install the correct lighting to create ambiance as well as highlighting garden details. 

Cooking Area

Create a designated cooking area. Whether it’s for the BBQ, pizza oven, or an outdoor bar, make sure you carve an area for cooking so you can separate your living space. 

Modular Furniture

Modular garden furniture is a great way to add functionality and form to your garden. Create a sofa or chaise or even a side-table with clever multi-use piece styles. 


Introduce living walls to patios and to help create a flow between the internal and external. Potted plans adds depth and height and can be mixed with a herb garden for both a 

practical and picturesque aesthetic. 


Combine textures such as decking, stone and tiles to create a cosy outdoor feel. Use different materials for different “garden zones” to help section your outdoor space.


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