Covid Cleaning 2021

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by Charlie bloom | January 13, 2021

We’ve loved lockdown for one thing mostly, being able to finally organise the home. It’s forced us all to do those jobs that we’ve been putting off for months and been too busy to do.

If for some reason, you never jumped on the clean craze and declutter movement, then alas it’s not too later. It’s never too late. 

Here are our top tips on how to create a cleaner, calmer and more organised home.  

Organise Your Drawers

Everyone has that junk drawer…or two. We aren’t judging! But, just organise it! Pick yourself up a drawer organiser and divide your hallway treasures or bedside bits and bobs into a space which you can see. Ensure you leave some space in the drawer for bits that you inevitably add. 


Categorise your cleaning cupboard, bathroom cabinets, medication, cosmetics – you name it and bin expired products along the way. If you haven’t used a product in a year, been or donate it. Label your items into individual drawers or baskets such as; Hair Products, Dental & Lotion etc. 


It’s a fact, we all use more of what we can see. Invest in some kitchen jars or pantry containers that you can decant all your foods into. You will be able to mark more easily what you are running out of and will reduce duplicate purchasing whilst making stacking in your cupboards neat and tidy.


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