Introducing Colour In Your Home

    Colour Palettes

by Charlie bloom | January 13, 2021

Once upon a time, interiors were all about clean, minimalist and beiged walls however recently, we’ve began to see bursts of colour injected into homes and we’re loving it!

From monochrome magic to pops of statement colour, here’s the best way to introduce colour into your home.

From deep jewel tones to custard colours, the best way to style your home with colour is to choose your tone and roll with it with confidence. 

Introduce It In One Room

If you’re nervous about filling every room with colour to begin with, start by introducing your chosen colour to one room. The cheapest and easiest way to begin is by accessorising; kitchen accessories, artwork, cushions or a rug.

Go Big Or Go Home

Paint a statement wall in that colour or in fact all the walls in one room that colour, contrasting with a neutral colour palette or even a juxtapose print for furniture. 

Have Fun With Furniture

Inject some colour into your furniture with some key colourful statement pieces. A luxurious armchair, sideboard or dining table and chairs.


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