Living Room Makeover Top Tips


by Charlie bloom | January 13, 2021

We’ve rounded up the top interior trends for your living area to help ensure your makeover is current, functional and beautiful to be in.

Grandmillenial Style

Grandmillenial Style…say what? It’s “granny chic” or raiding your mum or grandma’s house for style inspiration to revive the old with the new – basically, retro-chic. Use inherited pieces and house sentimental items with style by selectively blending them into your modern home. Say yes to that old tea set and fringed lamp and make it work in your home for an eclectic living room look. 

International Influence

Travel is the perfect way to influence the style of your home. Take inspiration from travel to Morocco or Greece to help inject ideas or a colour palette into your living room. We love the idea of using personal experiences to reflect the mood of the areas in which you spend most your time. 

Deep Pile 

2020 has seen a resurgence of deep pile textiles such as; wools, bouclé, mohair and sheepskin. Use these fabrics for statement armchair, rug or heavy curtain for a rich luxurious look. 


Your living area is the perfect place to implement decorative joinery to house all your living room storage or entertainment unit. Use this season’s trend of reeding or cane panels to add detail and texture to your room. 


Crittall style has seen a huge resurgence this year. Introduce some crittall to your living area as a door or room divider to add another dimension, light and industrial feel.


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